Set a New Standard with Ultrasonic Wire-Splicing

ICS & TECH-SONIC take welding to the next level

Our US-3620WN2 ultrasonic wire splicer is known for creating top-quality welds with strong, clean, and highly conductive bonds.

Ultrasonic welding ensures our customers get the highest-quality welds and precise control over the process. And less energy consumption means lower cost all-around.

The ultrasonic wire splicer offers a wide range of weld capabilities, accommodating cross-section sizes from 0.5 mm² to 34 mm².

  • Pure metallurgical bonds for non-ferrous materials
  • Weld dissimilar materials
  • Fast cycle times and consistent weld quality
The TECH-SONIC logo.
The TECH-SONIC US-3620WN2 ultrasonic wire splicer isolated on a transparent background.