Cable Termination

No Loose Ends

The PowerStrip 9580 makes termination fast and precise

The Schleuniger PowerStrip 9580 is capable of handling a diverse array of applications and stands out for its modular, adaptable, and upgradeable machine design. ICS is able to deliver exceptional production efficiency coupled with precise processing, making it an automatic cut & strip machine of superior quality.

Discrete wires with cross sections up to 70 mm² (2/0 AWG), shielded cable and complex multiconductor applications can be processed in one automated operation.

Cutting & Stripping Operations:

  • Cut to length
  • Full or partial strip left and right
  • Jacket and inner conductor stripping
  • Jacket stripping of extremely thin insulations
  • Jacket stripping of multiconductor cables
  • Multilayer stripping
  • Multilayer with shield processing (coax, hybrid, etc.)
  • Multistep jacket stripping with inner conductor stripping and window slitting
  • Multistep stripping
  • Trimming, separating and stripping of individual zipcord conductors
  • Wire marking
The Schleuniger logo.
The Schleuniger PowerStrip 9580 cutting and stripping machine isolated on a white background.