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ICS is an ISO9001: 2015 certified, Colorado-based, supplier of specialized cable assemblies, wire harnesses, electro-mechanical assemblies, and industrial control panels.

We are a turn-key supplier that works intimately with our customers to provide solutions to solve their most critical issues.

Our core services include but are not limited to: design services, cable assembly and wire harness manufacturing, the development of customer documentation as well as testing a broad range of custom interconnect products to ensure compliance and performances.

ICS brings decades of technical and manufacturing engineering experience coupled with a singular passion for helping customers to “get it right.” We take great pride in providing outstanding engineering support and service.

Application Feature 

ICS + Cicoil Deliver Maximum Flex for Custom Medical Display Cable Assembly

High Flex Flat Cable by Cicoil. Custom molded panel grommets, connectorizing and assembly manufacturing by ICS.

ICS was approached by a prominent manufacturer of Image Guided Therapy Devices to engage in a technical discussion regarding challenges with a new laser product in its conceptual design phase. Specifically, the issue revolved around the requirement for cables to achieve an exceptionally tight bend radius within the application.

The customer provided a preliminary drawing specification, and ICS was tasked with assisting in sourcing high-flex cables, as well as designing mold tooling and selecting the appropriate compound. The final assembly would incorporate two molded grommets to be installed in the image monitor, connecting it to the surgical device.

To initiate the process, ICS produced a sample using readily available high-flex cables from a reputable electrical cable company. These cables were exclusively used for engineering prototype testing.

Subsequently, having gained knowledge of a solution through our sister Trexon company, ICS reached out to Cicoil and successfully identified that the Cicoil™ High Flex Flat Cable solution not only met but surpassed the customer's rigorous bend requirements—a feat that other cables could not achieve.

Once the final design was approved and qualified, ICS cable assemblies were placed on order. These products are being procured by the manufacturer of the display monitor, which integrates seamlessly with the Guided Therapy Device.