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Cables / Harnesses

At ICS, we take great pride in quick turn prototyping and low cost solutions. Our technological capabilities include...

ICS Custom molded cable assemblies provide meet the highest quality standards
  • MS Connector & Crimping Applications
  • Coaxial (all RGs)
  • Conformable Coax
  • Discrete Wire Harnesses
  • Jacketed Cable Assemblies
  • SCSI
  • Jumpers
  • Complex Routed Harnesses
  • RJ45
  • Molded Cable Assemblies
  • Mixed Technology Cables
  • All AWG (1/0 to 38)

ICS has the technological expertise to provide quick turn prototyping and meet any custom cabling need
No project is too big or too small. Our sweet spot is high complexity, low volume, low cost solutions