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Quality Systems

  • The ICS Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to ISO standard 9001:2015
  • The QMS is used to monitor and measure the characteristics of all of our customer’s products to verify that all requirements have been met. Internal defect tracking per customer via Pareto charts with meetings held weekly to review data for determination if corrective action and preventative action is needed.
  • The QMS has incorporated all the process procedures and data bases needed to maintain and monitor the Calibration system, Preventative Maintenance, Document Change, and Etc.
  • All products 100% verified to customer specifications and IPC standards with Certificate of Compliance. Continuity, Hi-Pot testing, and Ground Impedance testing, as well as customer specific functional Test development available.

Integrated Cable Systems will strive to meet or exceed our customer’s needs and expectations through the dedication of our employees. We will strive for continuous improvement to assure the future success of our customers, investors and employees.