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Engineering Services

ICS has leveraged its experience and expertise in the cable business by expanding into industrial panels. We are UL508A certified and can facilitate the transformation of a customer's design into a UL approved product. Some examples of our work are shown below...


The engineering team at ICS has on average 25 years of experience in CABLE design and support. The majority of the team has worked together since the 70’s. Our strategy is to use this expertise as our corporate differentiator. We never turn down jobs because the drawings or BOMs are incomplete or misleading. We take the time to ask the questions that will yield the best solution.

Our attitude is figure out what it takes to get the product right, and do it!

Reverse engineering for prototypes

No time to produce documentation?
ICS has been able to build prototypes by description working with your Engineers.

Have a sample cable but no documentation or component specification identified?
ICS can assist by reverse engineering your sample cables and produce drawings and BOM using your format.

Once a design is solidified, we can provide the appropriate documentation and prototype assembly.

Prototype and documentation services

With over 800 unique tools and our experience we are ideal for assisting your engineers with quick turn prototypes. Again, the documentation for manufacturing is developed when the design is approved.

Component selection

Identifying the appropriate components for production is one of the services our engineers provide. We ensure the initial sets of components used for prototyping are the best selection for volume manufacturing taking into account, cost and availability.

Custom mold design

ICS will manage the complete development cycle for custom dies and molds.

Production documentation

Our work instructions for the manufacturing floor, typically includes the following:

  • Revision control/ History
  • Cut lengths
  • Strip lengths (jacket, conductor)
  • Termination crimp heights
  • Required tooling
  • Process steps including In-process inspection
  • Connector pin-outs defined
  • Drafted harness boards
  • Labeling specifications